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      "Maybe I'm tired.""Come into line to the left, there," commanded Si, in a low tone. "Deploy, one pace apart. Shorty, take the left out there in the bushes. Don't make no noise, step carefully, and don't shoot till I do."

      "There's Harry!""He slanders my sons and he slanders my daughters," he muttered to himself as he went home, "and I reckon as this time it ?un't true."

      "Ho! we shall see that."

      "Say," said Shorty, his face illuminated with a bright idea. "We might report the rations 'lost in action.' That'd fix it fine. We had two good fights, and come out ahead. That'll tickle the Captain so that he won't be partickler what we report."

      The Tories."

      He looked up, and there was little Pete's face before him.


      "And your damned son!" furiously cried Ditch of Totease.At last Robert decided to lead out Emily Ditch, thinking that it might lull his father's suspicions if he had any. As a matter of fact the son Reuben watched most closely was Albert. He looked upon Robert's affair as settled, for the present at any rate, and credited himperhaps rightlywith so poor a cunning that an occasional glance would serve; whereas Albert's oiled hair, stiff shirt-front, and clean white handkerchief roused all his fears and carefulness together.


      "I'll give you an example," she said after a little time. "The Psych division has parties, parties which are rather well-known among other divisions. The parties involve drinking and promiscuous sex, they get rather wild, but there is no great harm done by these activities. Indeed, they provide a useful, perhaps a necessary release." She paused. "Therefore I have forbidden them.""I shall m?ake you ... dear."


      The rest shuddered and grew pale at this horrible prospect.